Eco-regen offers a portfolio of well completion technologies, together with a commitment to flawless execution, to give you confidence in your completion.

We provide solutions for every scenario, including technically challenging environments requiring integrated systems and project management.

These services include (but not limited to) the following:

    1. Multilateral Completion Systems

Eco-regen offers multilateral completion systems services that allow the drilling and completion of multiple lateral boreholes within a single main bore. This allows for alternative well-construction strategies for vertical, inclined, horizontal, and extended-reach wells.

    1. Permanent Downhole- Gauges

Eco-regen offers permanent downhole monitoring systems deliver pressure, temperature, and vibration data in downhole environments. This data is typically used to determine production performance and reservoir characteristics, and to control and optimize production rates with electric submersible pumping (ESP) systems and other artificial lift technologies.

    1. Intelligent Completions Systems

Eco-regen offers intelligent completion technology that helps our clients optimize production without costly well intervention.

Reliable and fit-for-purpose systems enable operators to collect, transmit and analyze downhole data; remotely control selected reservoir zones; and maximize reservoir efficiency by:

    • Increasing production: Commingling of production from different reservoir zones increases and accelerates production and shortens field life.
    • Increasing ultimate recovery:Selective zonal control enables effective management of water injection, gas and water breakthrough and individual zone productivity.
    • Reducing capital expenditure:The ability to produce from multiple reservoirs through a single wellbore reduces the number of wells required for field development, thereby lowering drilling and completion costs. Size and complexity of surface handling facilities are reduced by managing water through remote zonal control.
    • Reducing operating expenditure: Remote configuration of wells optimizes production without costly well intervention. In addition, commingling of production from different reservoir zones shortens field life, thereby reducing operating expenditures.
  1. Liner Hanger Systems:

    Eco-regen  has access to a portfolio of completion design liner systems, tools, and accessories that enable the ideal open-hole completion. Save time and money compared with traditional cemented and perforated wells. The portfolio includes liner hangers, liner packers, setting tools and accessories, surface cementing equipment, and external casing packers.

    Our liner hanger systems will enable you to reduce capital expense and minimize risk in a wide variety of applications. Used strategically, these technologies result in quantifiable reductions in overall well construction costs. And, they often improve well performance.

  2. Isolation Valves

    Remote configuration of wells optimizes production without costly well intervention. In addition, commingling of production from different reservoir zones shortens field life, thereby reducing operating expenditures.

  3. Safety Valves

    Whether it is sub-surface or downhole, safety valves are an integral part of the well completions that protect production installations against uncontrolled flow from producing wells in case of catastrophic damage to wellhead equipment.

    Eco-regen offers multiple valve styles, ranging from basic to the most technologically advanced designs available in the industry.

  4. Sand Control Services for both open and cased holes
    • Open-hole gravel pack: Eco-regen has access to Openhole gravel-pack technologies help prevent premature screen-out and erosion and enhance packing efficiency. A wide variety of fluids allows treatments to be tailored for specific applications and well conditions, enhancing sand control operations.
    • Screens and Inflow Control Devices: Eco-regen offers Inflow control devices (ICDs), which help prevent the early breakthrough of water and gas into your well, can combine with screens as an alternative solution to prevent sand ingress and maximize completion efficiency and longevity.
    • Sand Consolidation Fluids:Consolidation of sand is a key factor in prolonging the life of the well and preventing screen and completion damage. Eco-regen has access to technology that traps formation sand and fines, maximizing sand-free flow rates, increasing production, and improving sand management.
  5. Completion Accessories

    Eco-regen offers an extensive array of completion tubular accessories to customize your well completions and mitigate risk for the life of the well. These products resolve issues related to tubing movement, scale build-up, corrosion, erosion, selective production, zonal isolation, intelligent completions, and more.

  6. Completion Fluids and Systems

    Eco-regen offers an integrated suite of completion technologies comprising value-added completion and reservoir drill-in fluids, additives, clean-up tools, and filtration and associated engineering services. These technologies accelerate and maximize production with minimal HSE impact. Together, they provide you a seamless and cost-effective solution for optimizing productivity throughout the drilling, workover, and completion processes.

  7. Perforating Services

    Eco-regen has access to a wide range of shaped charges, gun systems, safety systems, and advanced techniques to maximize reservoir penetration and operational efficiency. These diverse offerings enable us to create customizable and operator-focused solutions work in any type of formation rock, for maximum reservoir productivity in new or existing wells.

  8. Well Stimulation

    Well stimulation is a well intervention performed on an oil or gas well to increase production by improving the flow of hydrocarbons from the drainage area into the well bore.

    Eco-regen offers hydraulic fracturing and matrix stimulation treatments to restore or enhance well productivity in all types of formations and reservoir environments.

  9. Wellhead Systems

    Eco-regen offers wellhead systems that range from conventional to application-specific systems for geothermal wells, jack-up rigs, unconventional plays, and more.

  10. Brine Filtration

    Eco-regen is dedicated to providing our customers with oilfield filtration equipment and services to ensure a clean wellbore, with the lowest amount of debris, drilling fluid residue and solids that can negatively impact well productivity. Our brine filtration service minimizes each customer’s filtration footprint and operates with less non-productive time, allowing our customers to run workover and completions operations more efficiently and effectively.