• Bottom Hole Pressure data gathering
  • Well passport
  • Well head
Integrated Field Maturation Studies

Eco-Regen also carries out field maturation studies and development planning for field reserves and production for her clients.

  • Sub-surface data Review
  • Integrated Reservoir Modelling- Structural & Stratigraphic Modelling/First pass Volumetric
  • Integrated Reservoir Modelling- Static
  • Integrated Reservoir Modelling- Dynamic Modelling, Scenario Modelling
Bottom Hole Pressure Survey

Eco-Regen uses high precision electronic gauges and best practice methods of data acquisition, storage and transmission to obtain reliable bottom hole pressure / temperature data.

Deliverables include:


  • Pressure build-up, drawdown, flowing gradient, static gradient surveys.
  • Surface logging services.
  • Electronic memory depth recorders (wireline informer)
  • Semi-permanent installation of pressure / temperature probes (side pocket mandrel gauges)
  • Electronic downhole shut in tools (DHSIT)
  • A wide range of memory tools for various applications


Eco-Regen employs a wide range of instruments that help the reservoir engineers achieve their set objectives.