We are committed to providing exceptional customer service while striving to create a dynamic work environment with integrity, enthusiasm, balance and energy.

We excel in all facets of Cased Hole Wireline services. We provide a complete line of products and services including Logging, Perforating, Pipe Recovery and Mechanical Services. We combine extensive wellsite experience, proper planning, high quality equipment and highly skilled personnel with safety as our first priority. Our expert engineers employ the appropriate technology using reliable and proven equipment to obtain the results that our clients demand – whether on a routine well or a challenging pressure control operation. We pride ourselves in innovation and creativity in solving downhole problems quickly without compromising safety.

Eco-Regen and its partners built its reputation on providing quality logging services to the oil & gas industry. We acquire our data by using Well Logging Acquisition Systems, which are recognized throughout the industry for accuracy and reliability in even the most extreme conditions.

Services includes:

Logging Services

• Dual Receiver Cement Bond Evaluation

• Gamma Ray Collar Logging

• Compensated Neutron Logging

• Temperature Survey Logging

Perforating Services

• Perforating Gamma Ray Systems

• High Shot Density Perforating

• Slick Gun Systems

• Scalloped Gun Systems

• Thru-Tubing Link Systems

• Tubing Conveyed Perforating

• Coil Tubing Conveyed Perforating

Pipe Recovery Services

• Free Point Surveys

• Back-off Shots

• Chemical Cutter Systems

• Jet Cutter Systems

• Split Shot Systems

Mechanical Services

• Bridge Plugs

▪ Composite

▪ Cast Iron

• Frac Plugs

▪ Composite

▪ Cast Iron

• Cement Retainers

▪ Composite

▪ Cast Iron

• Retrievable Bridge Plug Setting

• Production Packer Setting

• Junk Basket – Gauge Ring Systems

• Dump Bailers

▪ Cement

▪ Sand

▪ Acid

Slickline Services

Digital Memory Services

• Production Tests

▪ Pressure Gradients

▪ Frac Monitoring

• Injection Pressure Monitoring


Surface Equipment

• 1500 PSI Pressure Control Systems

▪ 5000 PSI Pressure Control Systems

Downhole Tools

• Scintillation Gamma Ray Logging Tools

• Dual Receiver Cement Bond Tools

• Compensated Neutron Tools

• Rare Earth Magnetic Collar Locators

(Tools listed above can be ran in combination)

• Perforating Gamma Ray Correlation Tools

• Temperature Survey Tools

• Free Point Tools

• Baker Setting Tools

• Support Equipment

• Safety Equipment

Downhole Tools – Slickline

• Electronic Memory Gauges

▪ Silicone – Sapphire Sensor

▪ Time / Temperature / Pressure

• 0-3000 PSI

• 0-6000 PSI

Downhole Tools – Production Logging

• Real Time or Memory

▪ Pressure

▪ Temperature

• Spinner

• Fluid Capacitance

▪ Gamma Ray



• 2 – Cased Hole Wireline Trucks equipped to perform an array of Wellbore Logging, Perforating, and Pipe Recovery

• 2 – Equipment Trucks which serve as Mobile Gun Loading Stations and Pressure Equipment Mobilization Units

• 1 – Portable Mast Trailer which allows Rigless wellbore completion when pressure equipment is not required